Need a dose of inspiration?

These stories show us there is great power in misfortune! In fighting to overcome, these individuals have overcompensated to become SUPER versions of themselves, and their fatefully focused work is HEROIC!

How is the obstacle you are facing molding you? Will you keep fighting and realize the superhero within that’s waiting on the other side?

Series Episodes

Episode 1: Kevin Ogar – A Functional Life

Episode 3: David Saldanah – Refusing A Limited Life

Episode 4: Tina Hurley – “Less Leg, More Heart”

Episode 5: Project Purple – A Son on a Mission

Episode 6: Michael Cazayoux – From The Brutes of Addiction to Brute Strength

Episode 7: Zionna Hanson – Grace with a Barbell

Episode 8: Caroline Bond – “Find Your Voice”

Episode 9: Adam Ward – Exercise is My Medicine