Speaking Engagements

Whether in-person or virtual I want to help your group or community discover their hidden superpowers!

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In most comic book narratives and stories existing in mythology, before the hero/heroine faces a seemingly insurmountable task, they are often forced to face their personal insecurities. By facing those internal feelings, they transform their negative thoughts about a perceived shortcoming, embracing it to the degree that it becomes their superpower. My story of Olympic success is a real life example. From being born with a deformity of the foot to competing in the Olympic Games, I want to show others how they can use their major challenges as a “superhero button” to help them achieve their goals.

Along with this core message, my premier speaking points include:

1. The power in deficiency
2. Receiving support, giving support
3. How to take a step towards your dream

I have an unwavering passion to help others walk over that obstacle in front of them and become that which they were meant to be, the best version of themselves… that Superhero inside!

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