Weightlifting TEAM

Meet The Team
  1. Teresa Porter
    National Level Lifter, Coach, and Friend to Everyone
  2. Nadia Shatila
    Sr. and Masters Level Lifter, Box Owner, Coach, Always Smiling
  3. Leslie Graves
    Masters Lifter, Mom, Wife, Closet Computer Nerd, Great Friend
  4. Josh wilson
    Master Lifter, Dad, Husband, Business Owner, Box Owner, Coach, Hard Worker
  5. Maddie vincent
    Lifter, Student, Easy Going Soul
  6. Desi Dennull
    Lifter, Mom, Wife, Nurse, Bulldog
  7. Tressa Reading
    Jr. and Youth National Level Lifter, Big Sister, Student, Dedicated
  8. Jaiden Dennull
    Youth Lifter, Big Sister, Student, Driven
  9. Monica Lopez
    Masters National Level Lifter, Mom, Wife, Nurse, Fire Breather
  10. Lauren Cottrill
  11. Delma Flores
    Lifter, Mom, Wife, Supporter, Strong
  12. Tiffany Gwynn
  13. Conner Huis
    Lifter, US Army, Passionate and Driven
  14. Alice Hardin
  15. Manda Hedderly